Naghshe Jahan Square
November 24, 2016


The Nasir al-Mulk Mosque is a historical mosque in Shiraz, Iran, located in Goade-e-Araban place (near the famous Shah Cheragh mosque). Nasir al-Mulk Mosque is the most outstanding architectural examples of the Qajar era with absolutely beautiful prayer room decorated with stained glass windows and tiled ceilings. Its colored tilings (unusually deep shade of Persian Blue) are exquisite. 

Also called the Pink Mosque, the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque diorama simulates the gereh-chini style, where frames of wood and panels of glass are set next to each other in mostly geometrical designs.

Locally called: Masjed-e Naseer ol Molk, the mosque was built as one of the most elegant mosques in south of Iran in a period of 12 years (1872-1884) by the order of a nobleman called Mirza Ali Hassan whose royal title was Nasirolmolk. The arches of Nasir-al-Mulk mosque are made of bricks. The bricks are covered by a layer of plaster, which, in turn, is covered by glazed tile. 

From the photographer I took this photo at a Special time to reach the Most possible Symmetry of the lights coming from stained glasses on the Windows to the ground.(first days of winter and sth about 11 am) I hope you enjoy this Combination of Architecture, Arts, mosaics and Lightning. 

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