Iran cultural and desert

Day 1: : Arrival to Iran Tehran and transfer to hotel

Start tour at 10:00 A.M and visit Tehran

  • Golestan palace
  • Carpet museum
  • Jewelry museum
  • Glass and ceramic museum
  • National museum

Day2: Drive to Maranjab via Kashan

stay in caravanserai at Maranjab and visit sandy hills and salt lake and the wandering island.

Day3: Drive to Tabas via khour and overnight in Amoo Norouz gest house.

Day4: Visit Kal Jeni and Morteza Ali fountain.

Day5: Drive to Birjand and visit this town

  • Kolah Farangi mansion
  • Athletics Legacy museum
  • Museum of Anthropology

Day6: Drive to Shahdad via Nahbandan and overnight in local house

Day7: Drive to kerman and visit Bam,Raien and Mahan

  • Bam
  • Rayen
  • Mahan

Day8: Visit kerman and drive to yazd

  • Ganjalikhan complex
  • Water cistem
  • Ibrahimkhan mosque

Day9: Visit Yazd and drive to Varzaneh

  • silence tower
  • Amir Chakhmagh complex

Day10: Drive Esfahan and visit Bridge of Zayande River in Esfahan

Day11: Visit Esfahan

  • Naghshe Jahan square
  • Chehelsotun palace
  • Hasht behesht palace

Day12: Drive to IKIA via Abyaneh