Cycling in Qeshm & Hormuz Islands in the Persian Gulf

Cycling in Qeshm & Hormuz Islands in the Persian Gulf

This is one of the best tour ever experienced in your life because this journey is full of experiences like local people, ethnics, food, language, customs, architecture of the village and amazing mix of Arabic and Persian culture is the key to experience in travelling to the Persian Gulf.

You will have experience plus cycling around 300km in the islands. You will be familiar with the native people and traditional, hospitality on a bike ride. And you find that the local people are warm and lovely.

In Qeshm you will see Hara Forest (Mangrove), Stars Valley (The Star Valley is a unique example among all Geosites to study erosion), Chah Kuh canyon (is the Great Canyon of the Middle-East. The surreal shapes of the colossal rocks of the canyon are the result of millennia of erosion by rain and wind), Laaft Historic Port.

In Hormoz Island you will explore the Portuguese Castle and enjoy swimming in the Persian Gulf. You will have a full day biking in some non-touristic & unexplored regions around the island. On this island you will observe beautiful crafts and you will taste delicious foods. By the way Hormoz is one of the best places for photography because you see the best locations of your life.

We will also have a short visit to Hengam Island by boat to watch the Dolphins wandering Silver beach, Native Island in the Persian Gulf.

At the end you will fly to the Capital which you will have one day city tour with visiting of the main attraction of the city and visiting Tehran Golestan Palce. (World heritage site).


Trip Highlights


  • Cycling around the biggest island in the Persian Gulf (6 days)

    Visiting Qeshm Island and Geopark


    Bird watching in Hara mangrove forest (Jangale Hara)

  • Bandar Laaft, England historic graveyards, Lenj factory (handmade boat factory), Qeshm Star valley, Chah Kuh valley, Salt cave, Kharbas caves, Naz island
  • Visiting Laaft historical village and seaport with its special architecture, water reservoirs & wells including wind catchers
  • Visiting Hormuz rainbow Island: Remaining of Portuguese Castle
  • Visiting world heritage site of Tehran (Golestan Palace)
  • The amazing taste of local food in Persian Gulf regionh