A long trek into the Zagros nomadic lands

A long trek into the Zagros nomadic lands

In this tour you will get acquainted with the lives of nomadic people.You will observe how women and men work in a group and children cooperate with their family in their basic life. This tour can be one of your best trips because every day we’re going to different places and in each night, we will stay in different areas and we have an unforgettable night with a nomadic family and we explore different villages of nomad on our trip. In this fascinating tour, you will get acquainted with their simple lifestyle, their costumes, Delicious local food during the night and listening to their stories are our experience of this journey. This trip is suitable only for experienced hikers who have been before on such a trip like this. If you prepare winter season for your trip or late autumn you have to be prepared for rain and cold temperature of the nights. This journey will start from Isfahan city by a long drive through mountain dirt road to a village in the heart of the mountain and after the trek we will finish it in Isfahan too.

Trip Highlights


  • Expedition journey to untraveled route in Zagros mountain range
  •  Experience nomadic life of Bakhtiyari tribes
  •  Socialize with local tribes in Iran in the non-touristy area
  •  Hiking in off the beaten track region of Iran
  •  Staying alongside of nomad’s tents
  •  Visiting rural area and the person’s lifestyle
  •  Crossing a couple rivers on our way to camp
  •  Five days hiking in the foothills of Zard Kuh Mountains
  •  Exploring a couple of authentic villages with a special architecture
  •  Passing various canyons on the way




Day 1:Drive to Zardkuh Mountains

Day 2: Hiking alongside river 

Day 3: Crossing Rivers through canyons

Day 4: Hiking via the oak forest

Day 5: Hike through a dirt road

Day 6: Passing high passes to the last village- drive to Kouhrang

Day 7: Drive back to Esfahan